Obol Brand Kit

Thanks for your interest in Obol! You can find official branding, including logos, colors, etc. on this page. Please contact [email protected] via email or @ComposeBrett on Telegram for any questions regarding Obol-related content, social, news, and design.

Brand guide & assets

Download the complete brand guide and assets here. (ZIP)

Official font

Obol's official font is DM Sans.


For access to official Obol logos individually, please use the links below.

Horizontal title logos

  • Obol Horizontal Dark (For light backgrounds) (PNG)
  • Obol Horizontal White (For dark backgrounds) (PNG)

Vertical title logos

  • Obol Vertical Dark (For light backgrounds) (PNG)
  • Obol Vertical White (For dark backgrounds) (PNG)

Icon logos

  • Obol Primary Circle Icon Dark (For light backgrounds) (PNG)
  • Obol Primary Circle Icon Light (For dark backgrounds) (PNG)

Symbol logos

  • Obol Symbol Logo Dark (For light backgrounds) (PNG)
  • Obol Symbol Logo Light (For dark backgrounds) (PNG)


Obol makes use of the following brand colors.

Primary and secondary colors

  • Aquamarine: #2FE4AB
  • Viridian Green: #16968E
  • Inchworm: #B6EA5C
  • Primary Gradient: #2FE4AB (Aquamarine) to #B6EA5C (Inchworm)
  • Dark Turquoise: #3CD2DD
  • Flame: #DD6O3C
  • Medium Purple: #9167E4

Primary text colors

  • Light: #D9ECF3
  • Body: #9DBDC8
  • Muted: #475E64

Primary background colors

  • 01: #091011
  • 02: #111F22
  • 03: #182D32
  • 04: #243D42
  • 05: #2D4D53